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3LEMÉNTS is used as a cure.

Apply twice a day, morning and evening.

After that, 3LEMÉNTS is reduced to two applications per week.


Step 1:

Thoroughly clean and dry your skin

her off.


Step 2:

To the clean  and completely dried face ones   apply middle layer (like a mask) and            Leave on for 20 minutes.     You will get a feeling of     Feeling heat around the eyelids as this is the thinnest layer of facial tissue.


Step 3:

Take after 20 minutes

Use 3 fingers of each hand and start massaging the skin in a circular motion to tighten the

dead skin cells

to remove, drive like this

long enough until you no longer feel any loose flakes of skin.


Step 4: 

Wash your face with  some lukewarm water   and let it dry.  Do not apply any more or any other cream. Use in strong sunlight  You also use sunscreen.

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