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196 EURO  

Blue and White Pharmacy Back to Business Portrait Banner (2.646 x 5.292 cm) (100 x 175.006

3LEMÉNTS - MASK is a three-dimensional anti-aging treatment.

With  active plant stem cell technology.

Due to the special structure of the active plant stem cells, the mask works in all three layers of the skin and causes the formation of new collagen in the depths.

Natural active ingredient, the one  natural collagen formation  effected in your skin.

Suitable for all skin types.  For women and men.

It is recommended to take a before and after photo so you can see the amazing difference. 

Glückliche Frau

Katya B 

I absolutely love this cream. After the first application, my skin felt much softer and my entire face was radiant. Even small wrinkles around the eyes had already disappeared. Even my husband noticed it. ;-)


Bianca T

Already have some   antiaging products  and  Face care used and tried, always disappointed. But now with 3LEMÉNTS - MASK  it is simply sensational and works after the first application. Received so many positive comments, from girlfriends and to work: "wow you look good", "what did you do". I'm so excited, I can advise every woman to buy this cream.

Lächelnder Geschäftsmann

Michael K

Great story behind this product. For me, 3LEMÉNTS is the all-in-one solution for my lifestyle  as businessmen.

Apply - wait - remove - done!

I look fresher and more relaxed.  I can only recommend 3LEMÉNTS - MASK!!

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